The applicant for a certificate to leave the Schengen Zone with a vehicle is held personally responsible for all mentioned data. This data will be of application IDENTICALLY on the CERTIFICATE. The owner of the vehicle checks the VIN number of the vehicle and compares with the Licence Plate of the vehicle. The owner of the vehicle follows or the vehicle is insured for the countries you want to visit; the owner can appeal to you to contract extra insurances if necessary. If you make use of the vehicle outside the Schengen Zone, outside the allowed period you need to ask a supplementary CERTFICATE, what is possible from abroad. The public services have reading rights in your CERTIFICATE using their digital applications. Renta Drive asbl uses for no other purposes your introduced data as to make up the CERTIFICATE. Your personal account that you organise foreseen of a personal password is only accessible for you.

With the amount you paid to Renta Drive asbl is also paid the visa to The Chamber of Commerce and paid the Apostille to Foreign Affairs. If taxes are increased the extra amount you have to pay will rise with the same amount.

You may not rely on Renta Drive asbl to  downlaod or print the document. It would undermine the confidentiality. Maintain that you carry with you the complete document, even several copies. The combination of the legalisation number on the first page and the visa number & the unique certificate number on the second page are part of a unique combination.

At the request of the Public Services the document can be changed. Documents that are downloaded and/or printed stay valid.



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