Which documents I need BEFORE submitting a request

Keep the following documents nearby

You'll need some very specific information to request a document. By having these documents ready, you'll be able to quickly fill out the forms.



Before you introduce data organise that your IDENTITY CARD is at your disposition. The data mentioned on the card will be compared at the moment of entering or leaving the Schengen Zone with the data on your CERTIFICATE. This concerns principally  your surname and your forenames and your nationality. Is your ID still valid? Your Identification number of the National Register is optional at the moment of filling up the data used on the CERTIFICATE. It's an advice but no obligation to mention that number on the CERTIFICATE.




The VEHICLE REGISTRATION DOCUMENT or a copy are at disposition in the vehicle you are asking a CERTIFICATE for. Organise to have it near to you BEFORE you request for a certificate.  The LICENCE PLATE NUMBER on the document mentioned as Inschrijvingsnummer or Numéro d'enrégistrement, is important. The document mentions also the VIN number that the owner uses as final controle before he approves your CERTIFICATE. On the back site you can read the brand of the vehicle (MERK) and the MODEL mentioned as 'handelsnaam, nom de commercialisation'.

Eventually is printed on the back site, field C, NOT the name of the owner; that is authorized. If the name of the owner isn't mentioned you have to fill in lateron the data mentioned on this document in the field HOLDER of the Registration. In Belgium the owner of the vehicle and the holder of the licence plate can differ!



A treaty to allow the free movement of persons, the Schengen Zone.

The Schengen Zone consist out of a number of countries authorising the free movement of persons and in most cases vehicles. Belgium and the surrounding countries are part of the zone. When leaving and entering the Schengen Zone a driver of a vehicle with a Belgian licence plate has to present a legalised document of the Foreign Affair services. Only the owner of the vehicle can validate the authorization. Recommended is the drive certificate that you can order digitally through this application. The document is legalized as well. Some countries are brought into line to the Schengen Zone countries as the Switzerland but also Bulgaria. The Schengen map, see below, indicates where you can drive without certificate. The severe checks are part of the additional monitoring of the external borders of the European Union.  

Schengen Zone

The Schengen countries

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria*, Croatia*, Cyprus*, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland*, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania *, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom*   aligned countries with *

To leave or to enter the Schengen zone you need an official admission.

Insured outside the Schengen Zone
Insured outside the Schengen zone?

The DRIVE CERTIFICATE doesn't certify the insurance of the vehicle nor the passengers.

The owner/licence plate holder has to control the validity of the vehicle insurance for the country concerned amongst other car related aspects.

In most cases a supplementary  insurance can be underwritten .

Lease and rent companies control thoroughly before a DRIVE CERTIFICATE will be underwritten by their responsible..

The underwriting (or the control) of insurance is the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle or of those that put the vehicle at disposition.


Who has reading rights?

Who has reading rights?

The Belgian Federal Police has reading rights for your DRIVE CERTIFICATE.

Only Public services can contact them.

The Legalisation Department of The  Foreign Office has reading rights for your DRIVE CERTIFICATE

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