A UNIQUE document whit a CERTIFICATE number, a VISA number, an e APOSTILLE code

A DRIVE CERTIFICATE is valid during maximum 185 calendar days.


One DRIVE CERTIFICATE for several countries is admitted. One country is the country of destination the other are transit countries.

Don't mention member countries of the Schengen Zone or equated countries. See our table.

One licence plate per DRIVE CERTIFICATE.

One driver per CERTIFICATE, the one who is the driver that passes the Schengen frontiers.



You want to drive a vehicle in Morocco and you are not the owner as your employer is or a leasing or renting company. The vehicle has a Belgian licence plate.

This means you have to leave the Schengen Zone and afterwards to enter again. You need an official authorisation of the owner of the vehicle. The international situation makes that there is a severe control on admissions at the borders.

A DRIVE CERTFICATE is not only an authorisation of the owner of the vehicle as the signature of the responsible has a visa, on obligation for international documents. The Chamber of Commerce ensures the visa. On the CERTIFICATE is printed an e Apostille of Foreign Affairs, legalisation department. The combination of a UNIQUE certificate number, a unique visa number and the Apostille Code makes that you pass secure the frontier.

DRIVE organises digitally the complete flow from order to download and print; you have the access to a personalised secured account. (login)

Exception: less than 1 % of all orders.

The country you visit did not sign the Den Hague Convention, example: Moldavia.

If you are in doubt please consult the list.https://www.hcch.net/en/instruments/conventions/status-table/?cid=41

Attention China (those orders exist): Only Hong Kong signed.




The Belgian Federal Police has reading rights for your DRIVE CERTIFICATE.

Only Public services can contact them.

The Legalisation Department of The  Foreign Office has reading rights for your DRIVE CERTIFICATE

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